Daniil Kvyat

Red Bull Racing

Driver Number


Russian Federation


Russian Federation

Russian Federation
Tag Heuer (Renault)
Date of birth
Place of birth
Ufa, Russia


Still only 21, at the start of the year, Dany has developed as rapidly as his team-mate since being elevated from Toro Rosso to replace Sebastian Vettel in the senior Red Bull outfit. Two seasons into his F1 career, the thoughtful Russian is making his mark with a mature performance on and off the circuit.

In 2015, he outscored Ricciardo in the title race to maintain his habit of stepping up and delivering every time he meets a new challenge. He did it in his first season and repeated the feat last year, just as he had after starting his karting career aged just eight.

Such were his talents, his family re-located to Italy and lived in Rome so that Dany could take part in the ultra-competitive Italian kart championship. That decision, and those harsh early lessons, gave him the steel to survive and look after himself.

His obvious intelligence and ability to learn quickly have also helped him make rapid progress from rookie to star – and made sure the Dan v Dany battle within the Red Bull team is compulsive viewing this year. 

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