Lewis Hamilton


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United Kingdom


United Kingdom

United Kingdom
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Stevenage, England


Lewis may have finished last season stuck on 49 pole positions and chasing the shadow of his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, but that was after he had clinched his second consecutive title triumph and the third of his career. That feat made him the first British driver to retain his crown and lifted him alongside a line-up of greats in the pantheon of three-time champions.

Last year, he won the season-opener in Melbourne and embarked on a sensational spell of supremacy that brought him 10 wins and a career total of 43, statistics that barely do justice to his near-phenomenal talent for speed and raw racing.

This time out, he will land in Australia as a 31-year-old global star who has achieved his major goals – he always wanted to emulate the feats of his idol Ayrton Senna, who won the title three times – and now needs to rekindle the competitive flame.

He knows Nico will do everything he can to beat him and that, most observers believe, will be enough to ensure one of F1’s most colourful and entertaining champions regains the motivation to return to his fastest and most aggressive form.

For Mercedes, it is a balancing act. They need the intra-team rivalry as much as the champion, but they have to keep it under control and avoid any more negative headlines about bust-ups. 

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