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Catriona Rowntree



31 MAR - 03 APR 2016

“Australia’s Most Travelled girl”, that is the title earned by Catriona Rowntree who in 2014 is heading into her 19th year as a presenter on Channel 9’s travel show Getaway.

After leaving school in 1989 Catriona went on to complete a Diploma in Journalism. She has been a news researcher and newsreader and in 1992 she was one of the 8,000 applicants to apply for a reporter's job on Wonderworld. She began there as a researcher, went on to become a reporter and in 1994 became the host of the show. At the same time she was a presenter on Radio Triple J and host of What's Up Doc which meant each week she was working out of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In 2008 Catriona married Victoria famer James Pettit and moved to Lara at the base of the You Yangs. In 2009 Catriona and James welcomed their first child Andrew into the arena and their second child Charles was once born in March 2011.

Having competed in the Celebrity Challenge twice before Catriona is sure to be a dark horse in 2014.

How would you describe yourself as a driver?

Mutli-tasking queen when I’m driving. My car can be an office, a makeup-room and since moving to the country my husband and I can be setting off to a black tie event on the farm and spare of the moment have to go and round up sheep.

ZoomZoom describes the ultimate feeling of freedom behind the wheel and driving exuberance. Tell us about your favourite ZoomZoom moment?

I have a few, overseas driving a vesper around Tuscany, going for my truck drivers licence in rural Victoria was pretty challenging, and taking my little mini on any long journey is always a joy.

What does racing in the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge mean to you and what are you looking forward to most?

It’s a thrill just to be asked. With my workload I wasn’t sure how I would go taking it on, however when I mentioned it to my four year old and he looked at me in disbelief and just said – that is so cool – I knew I had to sign ‘tout suite’.

How do you think you’ll go in the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge? What are you expectations?

I can openly admit I probably won’t win this race but I will have the most amount of fun. Let’s be honest, you won’t be seeing me in the Winners circle but I will have the widest grin, I’m there for a good time not a fast time.

If you could choose any other Celebrity to be your co-driver in this experience who would it be?

Someone handsome – Jenson Button. He could be a double whammy, not only does he look nice he could throw a few tips my way.

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