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Lauren Phillips



31 MAR - 03 APR 2016

TV Host and Ambassador

Lauren Phillips is fast carving her path to become one of television’s most loved presenters. After landing a presenting role on Postcards, Channel Nine’s popular Victorian travel program in April 2008, Lauren’s profile has skyrocketed. In addition to Postcards, Lauren co-hosts Kids WB nationally on Channel 9 and Go! and showcases her versatile presenting skills on the Nine Network’s Mornings and A Current Affair programs.

In 2010 Lauren was announced a National Ambassador for MYER where she hosts various MYER events and attends fashion parades and launches. Events Lauren has hosted include Myer Designer Nights, Fashions on the Field, Myer Christmas Spectacular , Myer Good Food & Wine Show and Myer Fashion Luncheons. She is also heavily involved in Myer’s Spring Racing Carnival and hosts Myer’s Marquee along with other racing events, and is a Myer judge for Fashions on the Field.

Lauren is an Ambassador for Mazda and took part in the Celebrity Challenge during the 2011 Australian Formula 1® Grand Prix. Look out for Lauren who has a point to prove in the 2014 Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge.

Tell us about your first car?
My dad used to work for Toyota so I was lucky to get a brand new car just as I was turning 18. It was black, it had a cd player, personalised number plates and I thought it was the coolest car going around. I thought I was king of the world.

How would you describe yourself as a driver?
I would say cautious. I’m cautious on the roads; I am not aggressive at all. Being cautious is not the way to be in the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge though, you certainly have to be a little more gutsy in your approach and with your moves.

ZoomZoom describes the ultimate feeling of freedom behind the wheel and driving exuberance. Tell us about your favourite ZoomZoom moment?
When I first got my driver’s license, I was 18, and we were spending all summer in Torquay and other areas down the coast. It was so much fun to pack up the car, pack all the girls in the car and go to the coast for the weekend. That ultimate feeling of freedom which is what zoomzoom is all about.

How do you think you’ll go in the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge? What are you expectations?
It’s always tough, hard work, but I’d like to get a podium this time so I will need all the help I can get.

Who is your favourite Formula 1® driver and why?
You've got to go for your home driver, so Mark Webber without doubt. But if following an Australian wasn't allowed definitely Lewis Hamilton. Of course with Webber retiring, the focus now also moves to Daniel Ricciardo, I hope he does well in 2014.

Interview with Lauren Phillips

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