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31 MAR - 03 APR 2016

With equal doses of charisma, quick wit and good old fashioned chutzpah, Maz Compton has proven track record as one of Australia’s foremost entertainment reporters. A leading authority and tastemaker in the music and youth genres, she has more than seven years’ experience on camera, radio and behind the scenes production.

A self-confessed adrenalin junkie with a love for snow-boarding and surfing, Maz has a fearless approach to her work, always ready to tackle new challenges.

Before MTV Australia, Maz appeared as a teen actor in the popular Australian TV series’ Heartbreak High and Breakers. She has also worked extensively in radio as a host and producer.

With her astute knowledge of the entertainment industry, Maz offers a breath of fresh air when it comes to presenting or public speaking. When Maz talks the talk with the younger generation, people listen.

Watch out for this pocket rocket when she takes to the grid at the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge.

Tell us about your first car?

I had a yellow Ford Laser and I called him “Donald”.

How would you describe yourself as a driver?

Pretty good for a chick – my brother told me that when I was on my P-plates

How do you think you’ll go in the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge? What are you expectations?

I hope to finish. I’m not putting any pressure on myself.

Do you follow Formula One? What’s your favourite Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix or Formula One memory or experience?

I grew up with the Formula One on TV and my dad was a huge Ayrton Senna fan.

Who is your favourite Formula One driver and why?

Sebastian Vettel, he is on a winning streak and easy on the eye.

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