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Robert Mills



31 MAR - 03 APR 2016

Singer, actor, presenter

Rob Mills is a born entertainer. A popular singer, presenter, actor and media personality, Rob has carved himself out a successful career spanning more than a decade, with many high profile credits to his name.

Rob first came to the nation’s attention in 2003 as a finalist on the first series of Australian Idol.

2013 has been a busy year for Rob, recently completing his starring role in the smash hit musical Legally Blonde as Warner Huntington III, he is currently playing the role of Danny in the musical Grease.

After a standout performance in Network Ten’s Young Talent Time last year, Rob also hit our TV screens in Channel Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice, raising $40,000 for The Reach Foundation.

Rob has always been known for his passion and doing things 100% and the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge will be no exception.

What do you enjoy most about your career?
The fact that I get to perform in front of lots of people and being able to do a variety of different things. Not only performing on stage but on TV has been really cool as well, I think the best thing about it was mentoring and inspiring other young performers.

Tell me about your first car?
Casanova – he was a Holden nova. It was a 1.4L hatchback, I put a stereo in it and it was awesome. When I was in a band I used to put the PA system in the back so it was basically a two-seater. I loved that car I saved up all my paper round money for it.

How do you think you’ll go in the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge? What are you expectations?
I would like to finish on the podium, I think everyone would like to finish on the podium. I don’t really have any expectations as I have never driven really fast – except for go carting three years ago when I won so if we are going by that I am looking good.

Who is your favourite Formula 1® driver and why?
Mark Webber is my favourite, not only because he is an Aussie but he is probably the best test driver in the world. He plays his role very well and he is a sensational driver who has worked his way up, to stay so humble and so focussed is amazing. He’s a superstar and does Australia proud.

What do you think of the All-New Mazda3?
It’s a sexy car. I’m a real fan of the hatchback, as I said my first car was a hatchback. It looks great, the styling is awesome, I haven’t driven it yet but at the moment it looks like a sensational little car – I look forward to maybe trading in my Subaru and maybe getting a Mazda3.

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