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Sam Mac



31 MAR - 03 APR 2016

Sam Mac is a clever, quick witted radio and TV presenter who holds his own in the company of the big names of the industry.

Sam first drew national attention appearing as the Perth Host on the 'Metro Whip' for Channel Ten's '7PM Project.' He is now a permanent member of The Project team, and a roving reporter on the network’s new breakfast show ‘Wake Up’.

Sam is a regular on the Perth and Sydney MC circuits, hosting many A-League and Socceroos events; a match made in heaven for a funny guy with a passion for all things sport.

All jokes will be put to the side when Sam Mac lines up for the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge.

Tell us about your first car?

Mum’s Camira. Then a 1970’s Alpha Romeo with a side door that had to be secured shut with a piece of string.

How would you describe yourself as a driver?

Insurance liability.

How do you think you’ll go in the Mazda3 Celebrity Challenge? What are you expectations?

Is there a ‘most improved’ award?

Do you follow Formula One? What’s your favourite Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix or Formula One memory or experience?

I love it. As a child my dad took me when it was in Adelaide. Like the rest of South Australia I’m still a little bitter about losing it to Victoria (by ‘a little’, I mean ‘a lot’).

Who is your favourite Formula One driver and why?

Old school Senna, today Ricciardo. Extreme talents and fascinating guys.

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