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Question & Answer with Jenson Button



31 MAR - 03 APR 2016

For the next week we will posting a Question and Answer from each of the Formula One drivers. Each driver was kind enough to take some time out to answer our "hard hitting" questions. What a great way to start the ball rolling with the 2010 Australian Grand Prix Winner - Jenson Button.

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words 'Australian Grand Prix'?

Jenson: “Like Lewis, it was the scene of my first-ever grand prix – a crazy, intense feeling. I think the memories I always take away from the Australian Grand Prix are just everybody’s enthusiasm to get on to the racetrack and to go racing. It’s usually the first race after a long, cold winter, and arriving to the Australian sunshine and finally racing again is always brilliant.”

Who do you think will be your biggest rival this season?

Jenson: “Your biggest rival is always your team-mate, so Lewis will be my biggest challenger this year, I think. But, looking at the winter test times, I think we can naturally expect a strong challenge from Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. As always, at this time of year, it’s difficult to accurately predict form – and that’s what makes the sport so exciting.

What is your favourite memory from the Australian Grand Prix?

Jenson: “Winning in 2009. Standing on the podium as the sun was setting and seeing the faces of all my team cheering up at me. Just the perfect feeling.”

If you won the Australian Grand Prix how would you celebrate?

Jenson: “I remember when I won the grand prix there in 2009, I celebrated by having fish and chips down on the seafront by St Kilda on the Monday. Melbourne’s an incredibly relaxed place, and those kinds of things are nice to do whenver you get the chance – they’re things you can’t so easily do at other racetracks, so that was a good way of unwinding after what had been a very tense few months for everybody in our team.”

What is your favourite thing to do in Melbourne away from the track?

Jenson: “There are some fantastic restaurants in Melbourne. It’s trickier to get away in the evening now because the race schedule has been pushed back into the evening a bit more, but I’ll always try and get to a nice restaurant with my friends whenever I’m there for the grand prix. I went to a great Japanese restaurant after winning last year.”

If you could have any famous Australian presenting you with the winner's trophy at the end of the Australia Grand Prix, who would you pick and why?

Jenson: “Either Kylie or Danni Minogue – I couldn’t choose!”

How do you feel about Australia being the first race of the season?

Jenson: “During my career, it’s more often than not been the start of the season. It’s usually an unpredictable race, which is good, but I don’t mind where the season starts, really – I just want to go racing!”

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