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Question & Answer with Rubens Barrichello



31 MAR - 03 APR 2016

Rubens Barrichello from the Williams Formula One team was kind enough to answer some of our "hard hitting" questions, for our latest driver Question and Answer post.

What is your favourite part of the Albert Park circuit?

I love Albert Park as a whole. I love the atmosphere and arriving to see all the smiling people. Turns 11 and 12, the flying fifth gear corner left to right, is the best part of the circuit for me as it has a nice high speed flow.

What is your favourite restaurant in Melbourne?

There are plenty of good Italian restaurants in Melbourne and there is a very good meat restaurant near to where we stay; Australian meat is really nice. Australia is great for finding any restaurant from around the world.

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words 'Australian Grand Prix'?

Happiness. I wish it wasn’t as far away to travel to though. I am a Brazilian, but if someone asked me if I would like to live in Australia, I would say yes. It  is one of those places.

Who do you think will be your biggest rival this season?

I think the thing that we are up against the most is ourselves. Our biggest challenge will be making everything work in the car. Your biggest rival on track will always be whoever is quickest on that particular day, but to make everything work well in the FW33 will always be our biggest aim.

What do you like about Aussie Formula 1 fans?

I like the fans in Australia a lot. They are great fans as even though they support Mark Webber they still have the freedom to have their Ferrari, Red Bull and Williams caps on and just be fans of Formula One.

What is your favourite thing to do in Melbourne away from the track?

I love playing poker at the casino!

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