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Webber Chasing Wins As F1 Season Concludes



31 MAR - 03 APR 2016

Australia’s Mark Webber says consistency will be the key to him adding to his Formula One victory tally in the final trio of races this season.

The Red Bull driver won at Monaco and Silverstone earlier this year and told the Australian Grand Prix’s ‘Keeping Track’ podcast, in an exclusive interview, that he has some clear goals for the remainder of the season. This is in spite of the fact that the world championship is shaping up as a straight fight between Webber’s teammate Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

Webber, who started the 2012 season with four fourth-place finishes in the opening quartet of races, is in fourth place in the world championship with 167 points after back-to-back podiums in Korea and India.

“We’re looking to finish the season very strongly, and I’m looking to get some more victories before the year is out, coupled with some consistency like we started the year,” Webber said.

“With all those fourth-place finishes … at the time (they) were very frustrating, but they were important to me. I’m not looking to do those kinds of results from here, but some consistency and to get the odd victory would be very nice.”

Webber says the hectic conclusion to the Formula One season has presented teams and drivers with a significant challenge as the 20-race championship pushes towards its finale in Brazil next month.

The 2012 season finishes with three sets of back-to-back race weekends away from the sport’s traditional heartland in Europe in just eight weeks, a logistical challenge the Red Bull driver has never faced before.

“It’s been on the schedule for a long period, so from the team and driver perspective we’ve done what we can to turn up at each race fresh and healthy and get the travel as efficient as possible,” Webber said.

“There’s lots of different challenges with places we go like staying healthy (and) it’s not always straightforward, but that’s what part of being a professional is about – we need to prepare ourselves as best we can.”

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