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Kumla, Sweden


When you’ve lived and flourished in a foreign land, won motor racing titles aplenty and made it to the giddy heights of F1, perhaps you’re entitled to be considered as an eligible Bachelor.

That’s the role young Marcus has been playing recently, with social media swarming all over his rumoured relationship with a former Masterchef celebrity, if that’s not a contradiction in terms. It could be the tastiest news of the season for the Swede, now in his second F1 season and in his second team.

When Melbourne brought Marcus Ericsson his first World Championship points it looked as if the switch to Sauber was going to prove a positive one.

By race three in China the team had 19 points – that’s 19 more than in the whole of last season – and the Swede had contributed five of them.

Six races later, Ericsson was still stuck on five points and 16th in the drivers’ standings as Sauber’s promising start to the season was extinguished. Teammate Felipe Nasr’s failure to take the start at Silverstone underlined their plight.

Ericsson has been worryingly overshadowed by the Brazilian rookie, too. Nasr was five places in front of Ericsson for his maiden race in Melbourne; seven times in nine races he has out-qualified the Swedish driver.

He is also five places better off than him in the overall standings, so Ericsson needs to set about reducing the 11-point margin between them as soon as he can.

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