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Kimi's Back…

Back at Ferrari, that is, from 2014. But Kimi’s back was also the subject of discussion in Singapore when the 33-year-old Finn could only qualify his Lotus 13th on the Marina Bay grid after severe back pain disrupted his practice runs. It’s the residue of an injury picked up in testing in France way back in 2001, and it flares up every now and then.

Aussies In Trouble As Vettel Romps Home

ROUND 13 – Singapore, 22 September 2013

1st: Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Renault) 1hr 59m 13.132s (av. race speed 155.425 km/h)
2nd: Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) gap: 32.627s
3rd: Kimi Raïkkönen (Lotus Renault) gap: 43.920s

Fastest Lap: Vettel 1:48.574 = 167.940 km/h on lap 46

Pole Position: Vettel 1:42.841 = 177.302 km/h

World Championship: Vettel 247 points • Alonso 187 • Hamilton 151

It's All About The Company You Keep

Nico Rosberg is, to paraphrase Gilbert and Sullivan, the very model of a modern motor racing man. He’s cool in both senses of the word, he’s cosmopolitan, he’s switched on, he looks the part and, most importantly, he’s a winner.

They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps, and all his life Nico Erik Rosberg has lived in the company of a World Champion – his father Keke, the Finn who won the title with Williams back in 1982.

The Sparks May Fly – But Will The Ferraris?

If Ferrari asked Kimi Raïkkönen for a quote before they announced that their former World Champion was returning to Maranello, they probably wanted him to tell them how much his services would cost second time around.

The notoriously non-committal Finn – ironically world-famous for his “Leave me alone” quote in Abu Dhabi last year – has maintained his usual silence over his return to the team he graced between 2007 and 2009 before announcing that he was doing a Schuey and quitting the sport.

Red Bulls On The Rampage

ROUND 12 – Italy, 8 September 2013

1st: Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Renault) 1hr 18m 33.352 (av. race speed 234.268 km/h)
2nd: Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) gap: 5.467s
3rd: Mark Webber (Red Bull Renault) gap: 6.350s

Fastest Lap: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:25.849 = 242.924 km/h on lap 51

Pole Position: Vettel 1:23.755 = 248.997 km/h

World Championship: Vettel 222 points • Alonso 169 • Hamilton 141


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