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12-15 MARCH 2015

Podium Package

THIS IS THE ONE to experience different view lines, action and hospitality each day.
This unique package allows you and your guests to experience all the action and hospitality in three different locations across the three days of the event.


Pit Entry Victory Suite

THIS IS THE ONE with a more casual atmosphere. Get amongst all the action in this relaxed suite. Situated in the V8 heartland located directly above the V8 Supercars garages and close to the autograph stage, you’ll feel part of the action both on and off the track.

Offering flexible single and multi-day options this is an affordable way to enjoy corporate hospitality in a relaxed environment.

Pit Entry V8 Supercars Club Suite

THIS IS THE ONE official V8 Supercars suite on the circuit. Located directly above the V8 Supercars garages and Pit Lane, you’ll get the smell of the rubber and feel the thundering power of the V8 Supercars just metres beneath you.

This three day suite is designed for the true V8 Supercars fan who wants to enjoy the racing action in style.

The Park

THIS IS THE ONE where you’ll experience the electric atmosphere between turns 12 & 13. With a grand, luxurious décor and viewing deck, this intimate environment is perfect for entertaining and networking. One, two and three day packages are available.

This is a permanent structure with an outdoor multi-tiered viewing deck to take the excitement to another level.

Corporate Platform Turns 3 & 4

THIS IS THE ONE for all the action and drama of turns 3 & 4. It’s a great viewing position for groups of friends and workmates looking for some serious trackside excitement.

This is the easy way for you to play host and give your guests an experience they’ll remember with the option of shared or private suites on these two exciting turns.


This is the one to go to for a morning kick-start at the espresso and bakery bar, or an afternoon chill-out in the outdoor bar

Corporate Platform Turn 15

THIS IS THE ONE place you’ll feel the incredible power of the cars racing towards you. Be part of the action with the track right in front of you. This facility has spacious balconies providing outdoor dining in a prime position.

Located at turn 15, one of the most exciting viewing positions on the track, this popular facility offers a choice of private and shared suites catering for your every need.


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