The pulse races. Seconds split. Victories are won and lost. In Formula One, technology and human ingenuity are pushed to the limit. Yet, success is ultimately a measure of the passion that goes into every invention and is released every lap. This passion has led Infiniti Red Bull Racing to become, in recent years, the most dominant force on track.

Infiniti Cars is drawn to Formula One racing because it is engineering genius applied purely to creating emotional excitement. A feeling of exhilaration that extends from the track to the fans, to the culture of Formula One, through our partner, Infiniti Red Bull Racing. The heart and determination the team has shown, has led them to four Formula One Constructors’ World Championships in the last five years.

Our synergistic relationship is one that promises thrilling new performance capabilities for both Formula One and Infiniti vehicles. This exchange of both technology and ideas includes input directly from our Formula One drivers—harnessing their supreme driving senses to ensure every future Infiniti vehicle is as dynamic as possible and ultimately, reinvigorating your drive.