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Driving Learning

Inspiring the next generation

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), these are the industries of the future.

The Driving Learning education program strives to inspire the next generation to take on a STEM-focused curriculum by raising the profile of STEM subjects and increasing student participation.

The Innovation & Technology Hub and the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix is the destination for students of all ages taking part in the Driving Learning education program.

Student activities include:

  • Career presentations featuring representatives from the technical areas of Formula 1® and the local motorsport industry
  • Engaging exhibitors showcasing local innovations and capabilities with interactive displays
  • Student workshops where participants get hands-on experience with advancing technologies
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BAE Systems: The Science of Autonomous Vehicles

The BAE Systems: The Science of Autonomous Vehicles education booklet introduces students to the technologies that will be used to develop advanced vehicles of the future.

The booklet includes curriculum relating to STEM and is available to download below.

Download PDF