In 2019, the all-new Innovation & Technology Hub includes a vast indoor exhibition space bringing together a broad range of industries including education, automotive, auto safety, defence, aviation, aerospace, technology, emerging entrepreneurial incubators and start-ups, drone technology and virtual and augmented reality.

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation invites you to explore opportunities to exhibit within the Innovation & Technology Hub and the Driving Learning education program.

  • RMIT

    Check out RMIT University’s interactive exhibit showcasing cutting-edge technology in gaming, 3D printing, drones, race engineering and smart textiles.

    You’ll get to see, touch and experience the exciting things our students and researchers are creating every single day! Sit in the pilot seat of our flight simulator and soar the skies. Slip on our VR goggles and immerse yourself in a whole new world. Get behind the wheel of real electric and petrol racing cars, designed and built by our student racing team.

    Join us for a new learning experience in technology, design and enterprise and see how RMIT is helping to shape the future through research and innovation


  • Telstra & Lexus Australia

    In December 2018, the Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety Jaala Pulford announced a $3.5m grant to Telstra and Lexus Australia to run Australia’s first connected vehicle field trial using 4G Cellular V2X technology. Two Lexus RX450h cars will wirelessly connect to each other and also through the 4G network to traffic signal control systems, traffic management centres and other services. 

    Lexus vehicles fitted with Cellular V2X radio technology will test advanced driver assist features including crash warning systems and lane keeping assist. The project will allow Telstra, Lexus Australia, VicRoads and TAC to understand how this life-saving technology can be made available on production vehicles.

  • BAE Systems

    BAE Systems is a global partner of the Defence Industry and one of the country’s largest employers of professionals with STEM skills and qualifications. From complex engineering projects to world-class cyber security solutions, everyone at BAE Systems Australia plays a part in helping protect our nation. 

  • Veolia

    In line with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation's commitment to sustainability, Veolia will be responsible for turbocharging its recycling performance! As part of this, we will be conducting waste audits throughout the event to highlight key issues such as contamination and correct waste segregation procedures. Come and see for yourself just how much of the waste that you think is rubbish is in actual fact, a valuable resource!

    Throughout the GP, our passionate team of Sustainability Champions will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have and provide a number of easy ways to make a real difference at home, school or work!


  • Swinburne

    Ever dreamt of being a race car driver? What about building one? Come to the Swinburne stand to see Team Swinburne’s Formula SAE car – designed, built, tested and raced by Swinburne students. Talk to the engineering and business students who made it, and find out how Swinburne is leading the way in technology, science and innovation, with eight of our STEM research fields ranked well above the world standard*. Plus, enter the Ultimate Study Pack competition for your chance to win great prizes

    *Excellence in Research Australia (ERA), ERA score of 5.

  • Roamni

    Roamni is an award winning app that helps you discover, create, listen and share your own audio tours & stories. With hundreds of stories available from locals and visitors, you can experience unique perspectives, or create your own to share with friends.

    Roamni is proud to provide audio stories for the Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2019 - to help you discover the history of the Albert Park circuit and the innovation of the Formula 1® car.

  • Melbourne University Racing

    Melbourne University Racing is the University of Melbourne’s Formula-SAE team. As the largest engineering team in the university, the team consists of 100 diverse student-engineers ranging from Undergraduates to Masters students. MUR conducts extensive research and development to design and manufacture new race cars every year. 2018 marked the first year that the team produced both Electric and Combustion race cars to compete in the international Formula-SAE competitions. 

    Students gain invaluable insight and experience whilst working with the team, building life skills that will benefit them not only with their studies, but beyond that in the professional working environment.


    GOAT VR provides a multi-sensory experience and entertainment through the use of 9D virtual reality. 

    An exciting partnership has been formed with GOAT VR and Wyndham Tech School to help students explore the science, engineering and maths behind virtual reality to understand how the pods work.

    More importantly how these components can be applied to other technologies and various industries. There will also be a focus on R&D between GOAT VR and Wyndham Tech School to fully utilise the potential of this multi-sensory experience in education.

  • Careers with STEM

    The Careers with STEM magazine and website help students discover the careers of the future. Each year we deliver four magazines across each of the STEM disciplines, plus special editions, like Data Science and Cybersecurity.

    While 75% of future jobs will require STEM skills, just 16% of high-school graduates are enrolling in STEM degrees in Australia. Many of the careers of the future will combine STEM skills with other areas. We call it ‘STEM + X’, for example Technology + Fashion = 3D printed clothes. Maths + Sport = Sports Statistician.

    To find your STEM + X career pathway and more, visit STEM.


    Experience first-hand how sustainable living can integrate with your lifestyle with the Tesla Model X, Powerwall and Solar. Tesla Tiny House is powered by 100% renewable energy, showcasing how solar panels and a Powerwall battery can seamlessly integrate to power an entire home and fully experience what it means to be self-powered.

    Model X sets the new standard for premium performance by delivering both unprecedented range and a thrilling drive experience, while offering a 17-inch touchscreen display, over-the-air updates and seating for up to 7 adults. 

  • Essendon Football Club

    Essendon Football Club is proud to showcase its focus on innovation through its three interactive exhibits.

    At the Bombers, we’re more than just a football club. Our teams extend into the highly technical world of wheelchair football and the burgeoning phenomenon that is Esports - all highlighted in our exhibits.

    We have a strong focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs through our connection to The Long Walk, and as a recognised market leader in the space, we’re proud to promote the forward-thinking endeavours in this space of both our club and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation.


    myDRIVESCHOOL® is the World’s first multi-user simulation game for pre-learner drivers. The program is a combination of gaming, artificial intelligence and simulation delivered online with PC/laptop and Logitech G29 steering wheel and pedal set.

    myDRIVESCHOOL® has graduated pass/fail modules to engage and educate students, enabling them steer themselves through the courses at their own speed. Each module has exercises covering basic acceleration, steering, braking and a variety of intersections, all designed to teach cognitive skills, in-cabin co-ordination, hazard and spatial awareness.

    myDRIVESCHOOL® increases competency, decreases anxiety and is the safest way to start to learn to drive. 


  • EE Group

    EE Group Australia was founded in Melbourne in 2012 and has developed into a major wholesaler of Drones, Marine drones, STEM educational products, sports equipment and toys. Through an extensive dealer network, covering independent specialty stores through to major retail chains. EE Group provide goods and services to meet the needs of our retail partners. This includes the provision of services such as, warranty servicing on such products as DJI drones, Gladius, SwellPro, Makeblock, Huion, Photon.

    With an ever-expanding product range of goods and services and a great reputation, EE Group is looking forward to developing partnerships with manufacturers, retailers in the public and private sector.

  • Victoria University Polytechnic

    Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and robotics are no longer things we just see in movies they are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Join us in the Innovation and Industry precinct to participate in workshops where you will bring a humanoid robot to life or try your hand at building an EZ-Robot, immerse yourself in another world through VR or see how ideas are visualized through 3D printing.

    Victoria University Polytechnic is Victoria University’s vocational education provider. VU Polytechnic will prepare you for a world that is changing rapidly by providing the up-to-date, real-work and enterprise skills you need to achieve success. 


  • Monash University

    Monash Motorsport is a Formula Student team based in Monash University, Clayton. The team is comprised of Engineering, Science and Business students from Monash, who design, manufacture and race in the Formula Student competition both locally and internationally.

    The Monash Motorsport stall will exhibit the team’s latest combustion car, as well as advances in the field of driverless vehicles. Monash Motorsport is currently developing its first driverless vehicle, which requires the use of state-of-the-art sensor technology. The exhibit will include an interactive simulation of computer vision, and how a driverless car will be able to understand its surroundings.


    At the Office of Projects Victoria, our role is to provide project oversight and assurance, so projects are delivered on time and on budget, and the full benefits of the investment are realised for Victorians. We provide targeted support, training and advice to project leaders, who we recognise as the heart of successful project delivery.

    Through an interactive and informative exhibition with Monash University and Engineers Australia, our goal at the Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2019 is to excite people of all ages at the prospect of following engineering as a career path.



    Explore how the latest application of geospatial technology is helping capture the real world and create a “digital twin”. Taylors uses a combination of technologies from total robotic station, laser scanning, drones, photogrammetry and more, to capture and produce digital versions that are accurate recreations of real locations.

    Join us for an interactive demonstration of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Reality Capture and 3D Printing and see how geospatial technology is helping shape the cities of tomorrow.

  • St John Ambulance

    St John Ambulance Victoria has revolutionised First Aid training with the Mobile CPR Learning Lab making it easier than ever to learn what to do in a First Aid emergency. 

    CPR Lab is an exciting way to help the public acquire and refine their CPR skills for FREE! 

    The state-of-the-art facility incorporates some of music’s greatest hits, including the Bee Gee’s ‘Staying Alive’ and Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’, to provide a fully guided, rhythmic example of the accurate speed and depth required to perform life-saving CPR.

    Each participant will receive real-time individual feedback, displayed on screen, via computer-connected manikins and provided the opportunity to test their skills amongst family and friends.


  • Karting Australia

    Kart racing in one of the most exciting forms of motorsport in the world.  It is the place where all of the Formula 1 and Supercar drivers started their careers but it is also a sport in its own right.

    Drivers, both boys and girls, can be on track at the age of six years old.  For the youngsters, it’s as much about learning car control and driving techniques as it is winning. The sport is also very popular with people of all ages with many licence holders well over 40 years of age.

    Karting Australia has affiliated clubs and tracks all across the country.


  • Real Time Learning

    Real Time Learning’s (RTL’s) Purpose is to support schools in expanding their capacity to deliver stimulating, enriching and future-focused STEM learning experiences by establishing significant partnerships with industry and the tertiary sector.

    Our Passion is to facilitate authentic learning initially with students in years 5-8 by engaging their curiosity, expanding their creativity and developing their thinking skills through innovative educational pathways.  We will achieve this by partnering with industry leaders and tertiary sector leaders.

    What you see on display are examples of the work being carried out in the workshops hosted at BOSCH’s Head Office. 

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