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Live Fast Motor Fest

See some of the world’s most advanced cars

Explore unique displays

Motorsport has become more accessible to more people than ever before, so alongside the stars and the cars of the Formula 1® Heineken® Australian Grand Prix 2022, the sporting end of the sport’s spectrum is not far away.

The Automotive Avenue Car Club displays are always a popular attraction at Albert Park, showcasing the effort put in by a variety of enthusiasts from all walks of life, who get to show off their pride and joy, all the while contributing to the great atmosphere for all patrons that attend the event.

What is your favourite brand of car? Chances are, there will be something on display to catch your eye – or something you have not seen before!

FOR OFFTRACK Grand Prix Motor Show 1
FOR OFFTRACK Grand Prix Motor Show 2
FOR OFFTRACK Grand Prix Motor Show 4