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Oviedo, Spain


Fernando Alonso is a double world champion and a senior figure whose second stint at McLaren has unfortunately been full of frustrations.

A poor start to 2017 meant Alonso, and McLaren, were always behind the eight ball and found themselves playing catch-up, in a season where the 2005 and 2006 world champion would collect just 17 points to finish the season in a modest 15th place.

After a career of much success, Alonso has been reduced to the supporting cast while McLaren have struggled with their Honda engines to produce anything like the performance levels needed to challenge at the front of the field. But there remains hope after McLaren terminated their Honda contract and signed a deal with Renault.

Alonso has shown in glimpses that he still has all the ability, but time may be running out for the Spaniard to add another title to his trophy cabinet. He also hopes to secure motor sport’s ‘Triple Crown’ after racing at Indianapolis 500 in 2017, and signing up to race at Le Mans with Toyota in 2018.


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