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United Kingdom

United Kingdom
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Stevenage, England


The 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship™ looks less about figuring out whether Lewis Hamilton is the best driver on the grid, but rather whether he is the best in history.

At 35, he is at his peak; there have been no signs he is slowing down. Quite the opposite; if anything, he wants to win more than ever. Even with his sixth title sealed long before the 2019 season ended, Hamilton was nagging his race engineer Pete ‘Bono’ Bonnington about strategy changes during races, because second place was never quite going to suit.

For all that, though, Hamilton remains a sportsman. In Brazil, when he punted Alex Albon out of second place late in the race, he immediately apologised and owned his penalty, even while some in the media defended him.

With 84 Grand Prix wins, he could become the first Formula 1® driver to score a century. Even for an Englishman, Aussies would have to applaud that.

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