Lewis Hamilton


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United Kingdom


United Kingdom

United Kingdom
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Stevenage, England


This may well be the season in which Lewis Hamilton marks himself as one of Formula 1®’s greatest drivers.

For much of 2018 he did not have the best car on the grid but his results speak for themselves: 11 wins from 11 pole positions sealed a fifth world title.

His best performance of the season, in Singapore, prompted comparisons with the great Ayrton Senna. Hamilton was not fancied for pole but snatched it anyway and dominated the race. 

Better still, he made very few mistakes during races and, on the rare occasions his Mercedes-Benz did let him down, he was conspicuously supportive of his team.

He has done all this with a personal style best described as ‘individual’, with his millions of social media followers interested in as much as what Lewis does in fashion and music as his achievements on the track.

At 34, and 12 years after his debut at Albert Park in 2007, Hamilton may well be in the prime of his brilliant career.

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