Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing

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Hasselt, Belgium


So many words have been used to describe Max Verstappen since he burst into Formula 1® as a 17-year-old: brilliant, precocious, outspoken, fast. Now he has a new descriptor, team leader.

And that is exactly what Red Bull Racing needs him to be. With the departure of Daniel Ricciardo, the fiery Dutchman has taken over as the team’s number one driver and he will have to act like it. At times in his career he has been criticised for behaving like a privileged teenager, but the people making those comments may have overlooked that for much of his career, that is really what he has been.

No more. Verstappen is all grown up, having turned 21 a month before his dominant win in Mexico. If he drives like that every race, he is a man who can challenge for the Drivers’ World Championship.

But first he will have to eliminate rash mistakes. If he can, he may well be F1®’s next superstar.

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