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There are very few fairytales in Formula 1® but Williams has the next best thing. It is eight years since Robert Kubica nearly lost his life, and then his arm, in a rally crash. At the time the Polish ace was among the best drivers in F1® and considered the equal of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

But at 34, Kubica has fought his way back. Physically he may not be the same, but his Williams has been modified so he can operate the car almost entirely with his left hand. And Kubica’s skill and competitive fire are not diminished.

Kubica has shown incredible courage to get back into Formula 1® and his experience will be invaluable to Williams which has struggled with young, inexperienced drivers in recent seasons.

It is 11 years since Kubica could have, and maybe should have, won a World Championship. That opportunity has passed but whatever the results, it is great to see him back.   

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