2016 Official Charity - White Ribbon

What can fans expect from the four themed days:

  • Each day at the 2016 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix, White Ribbon Australia will host a different theme to allow staff to have targeted conversations with fans.
  • By having a focused theme each day White Ribbon Australia can ensure that they are taking the message seriously and allowing each demographic of attendees to be addressed and included in this very important subject as everyone has a place in making this change.
  • Ladies Day on Thursday will host a thumb print tree which will allow women to take a stance against violence against women. The White Ribbon Australia marquee will be hosted by women volunteers, to allow women to feel comfortable to have the conversation. Women will also have access to the famous instagram printer on the day to show off their white ribbons.
  • Men’s Day on Friday will host a unique opportunity for men to take the oath by signing the C5 Mercedes. All male ambassadors will run the marquee and provide tools and ideas for men to have a safe conversation.
  • Family Day on Saturday will look at the family as a whole and how education is the most important way to make the change. They’ll be a kids table, craft station and fun activities to get children thinking about healthy relationships whilst allowing parents to learn helpful tools to educate children.
  • Sunday’s White Ribbon Australia Awareness Day will have a street barber available to trim beards, hair and engage with fans. People engage and talk to hairdressers the most about their issues to their hairdressers, so White Ribbon Australia are hoping to create a good environment for people to have the conversation.


How can fans get involved?

  • Fans can buy a ribbon from Gates 1, 8 or 10 or visit the White Ribbon Marquee which is located within V8 Village.
  • You can take the White Ribbon Australia oath [“I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women”] and sign the Mercedes C-Class, which will be stationed next to the White Ribbon marquee.
  •  ‘The Street’s Barber’ Nasir Sobhani, will help style men’s hair for free on Sunday in the White Ribbon Marquee. Go in, get your hair cut, and have the conversation. 

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