Brabham: The Untold Story of Formula One

Do you have footage, photos, memorobilia or stories to share?

The producers of Brabham: The Untold Story of Formula One are seeking film or video footage and photographs from motorsport enthusiasts who may have materials they took or collected of Sir Jack Braham during the years he was racing in Australia, Europe, the UK, the USA and beyond. 

The story 

A David and Goliath story about a small-town speedway racer who rolled the dice and risked everything by taking on the elite world of motorsport. “Black Jack” Brabham not only conquered the competition, but ushered in the jet-set generation of billionaire bandits, while manifestly leading a revolution that changed the face of Formula One and created the fastest vehicles the world has ever known. Innovators and entrepreneurs, Sir Jack and his contemporaries revolutionised the engineering and business of Formula One; and introduced a new era of talent to the international arenas of sport, manufacturing and business. Five decades on, Sir Jack’s youngest son, David Brabham, rallies a team to take the reigns and fly the Brabham flag once more.

It is often in private collections that treasures are uncovered and we suspect there may be some exciting footage of the great Sir Jack and his family lurking in garages, storerooms and libraries across the world.

In particular, we are interested in any of the following:

  • Video (or film)
  • Photos
  • Audio recordings
  • Memorabilia
  • Your personal stories – please record and share them with us

This ground-breaking film is being produced by a dedicated team of Australian filmmakers and legendary figures of motorsport from around the world, including Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Stirling Moss, the late John Surtees, David Brabham, Geoff Brabham, Ron Dennis, Bernie Ecclestone, Mark Webber and many more. 

Be part of living history

CONTRIBUTE your own original ‘never before seen’ material celebrating the life of Sir Jack and his teammates. Join us in assembling this world-class project now.

SHARE YOUR STORY by uploading a short video, telling us about an encounter or a memory featuring Sir Jack at

All original material submitted will be acknowledged on the BRABHAM Movie website. If your content is used in the making of the film, you will receive a special mention in the credits. You will also be invited to attend a special screening(s) and receive a signed poster from the filmmakers.

Producers Akos Armont and Antony Waddington extend their appreciation to those who can assist us in contributing to this landmark documentary feature film. We look forward to announcing the ‘uncovered treasures’ on the website,, in due course.

Please note that engagement with the Brabham Movie does not imply association with Brabham Automotive. 

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