Vettel names new car Gina

Sebastian Vettel has continued his habit of naming his racing cars after girls by calling his new Ferrari SF-70H machine ‘Gina’.

According to the German newspaper Bild, the soubriquet is being used as an abbreviated form of the Latin word Regina, meaning queen.

For the four-time champion it is a tradition maintained, but it also signals a shift away from racy or saucy names towards more serious thinking.

His past machines have ranged from Julie, for his 2008 Toro Rosso car, to last year’s Margharita via Kate, Kate’s Dirty Sister, Randy Mandy, Kinky Kylie, Abbey and Hungry Heidi.

He has also raced in Suzie, in 2014, and Eva, in 2015, during the transitional seasons that have led him this year to decide to go royal. 

It is thought that he has consulted with his mechanics and engineers before finalising on a name that best expressed all their feelings about the new car.  

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