Why Mark Webber owns one of Sebastian Vettel's cars

Mark Webber British GP 2010 victory

Former Australian Formula 1® driver Mark Webber has revealed how he acquired a prized memento from his decorated career.
Speaking on The V8 Sleuth Podcast powered by Doric, Webber says he got to keep one of the Red Bull cars from the 2010 season – but not the car he originally wanted.
Webber finished third in the 2010 drivers' standings, with teammate Sebastian Vettel taking out the first of his four consecutive World Championships. 
The Aussie won four races that season, including the Monaco Grand Prix and British Grand Prix.
"As part of our contract negotiations we said, 'at the end of the year, can we have a car?'" Webber said. 
"I won Monaco in 2010 but I destroyed that car in Valencia, so I went to the next best car – (from) when I said, 'Not bad for a number two driver!'
"That one's got a bit of history, that's a good car to own. Sebastian won the Malaysian GP in it that year, and I won the Hungarian and British GP. 
"There's a lot of fastest laps and podiums. It's a pretty special chassis, that one."
Webber's RB6-03 started the season as Vettel's car and was last used by the German when he finished second at Monaco.
Vettel had complained of a handling issue with the car and was given a new one for the following race in Turkey, where he coincidentally crashed into Webber.
Webber then destroyed his car when he backflipped it at top speed in Valencia, inheriting Vettel's old car for the British Grand Prix.
After taking the chequered flag at Silverstone, Webber sprayed team management by saying "Not bad for a number two driver!" over the radio.
Red Bull had brought two new-design front wings to the race, but Vettel broke his and was given Webber's for qualifying, leaving the Aussie seething.
Webber's last race in the car was the South Korean Grand Prix, where he crashed in the wet – in part costing him the 2010 title.
"It could run (now), but I think I'd need 15 (Renault engineers) over to have a test day somewhere with it," Webber added. 
"Timo Bernhard, my teammate at Porsche, has always been busting my nuts that 'we've got to do a track day!' But I'm not as enthusiastic as he is!"


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