The consummate guest for that special event, the ideal dinner companion at the best restaurant in town or the perfect partner to compliment any occasion – it’s simple – S.Pellegrino.

Italy's favourite mineral water is the accompaniment of choice for dining, relaxing, hydration and health. Lightly carbonated and mineralised, S.Pellegrino is known as the Champagne of mineral water due to its extremely fine bead and goes hand in hand with food, wine and refreshment.

S.Pellegrino flows from a thermal spring at the foot of a Dolomite mountain wall towering above the Brembo River in the Italian Alps. The source is located in the town of San Pellegrino Terme 70 kilometres northeast of Milan. A brand rich in history, Leonardo da Vinci visited San Pellegrino in 1509 after writing his treatise to water.

S.Pellegrino is proud to be an official supporter of the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix.