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1960 Elfin Streamliner

Racing Past Presented by Shannons Insurance.

The Elfin Streamliner chassis number #7 was ordered by Peter Manton of Monaro Motors Melbourne in September 1960 (it was known then as the Monaro MG).

Garrie Cooper built the car using MGA twin cam parts supplied by Peter Manton.

Car # 14
Engine: 1598cc Ford
Driver: Matt Scott

The Streamliner used wishbone suspension MGA twin cam wheels and gearbox with a MGA pushrod supercharged engine.

Peter Manton first ran the car in February 1961 international meeting in Ballarat (Australian Gold Star race, which latter became the Tasman series).

Peter came 3rd, just in front of Gavin Youl in a Porsche 356. Peter then entered the Streamliner in the 1961 Rob Roy hillclimb in August finishing first and breaking the record in 27.96 seconds.

The Streamliner changed hands a number of times and was raced extensively by Rod Murphy of Esquire Motors, Tony Smeaton, Alex Jenkins, Steve Pike, Max Freeland until the current owner Matt Scott purchased the car in 2022 and has refurbished it for the track.