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Privacy Policy

Australian Grand Prix Corporation


  1. The Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) was established in 1994 under the Australian Grands Prix Act 1994 (Vic) (AGP Act).
  2. The primary objectives of AGPC are:
    1. to facilitate the holding of an annual Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park; and
    2. to facilitate the holding of Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit (AGPC Events).
  3. AGPC is bound by the:
    1. Victorian Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (PDPA); and
    2. Spam Act 2003 (Cth) (Spam Act), which regulates the sending of commercial electronic messages such as by email or SMS.

Privacy Policy

  1. AGPC respects the privacy of the personal information it collects and is committed to its protection.
  2. AGPC collects personal information in order to carry out its functions and exercise its powers under the AGP Act. Section 21 of the AGP Act states that AGPC may carry on advertising and promotional activities and may do all other things necessary or convenient to be done for or, in connection with, or as incidental to, the performance of its functions.
  3. This Policy describes the manner in which AGPC may collect, hold and use personal information.
  4. This Policy may be reviewed from time to time to adapt to changing business practices, take account of new laws and technology.
  5. The use, storage and disclosure of all personal information held by AGPC will be governed by the most current version of this Policy, posted on the and websites or can be obtained by contacting the AGPC Privacy Officer.

Personal Information

  1. AGPC collects personal information where it is necessary for AGPC to undertake its functions.
  2. ‘Personal information’ means information or an opinion, whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent (or an individual whose identity can reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion) that is recorded in a material form or otherwise. For example, AGPC collects and holds names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, other contact details such as social media handles, images (including in still photographs and visual and audio recordings), occupations and other information such as identifiable clickstream and spending data. Occasionally, AGPC may collect and record sensitive information like membership of a professional or trade association.


  1. AGPC will collect personal information that is necessary for its function and activities, this includes the conduct and administration of its business functions and to market and provide its products and services.
  2. Generally, AGPC will collect personal information directly from you and through a number of mediums. By way of example, personal information can be collected:
    1. when you provide your personal information, or agree to your personal information being provided via one of AGPC’s websites, including without limitation and, or a website managed by AGPC (Websites);
    2. when you enter your personal information, or agree to your personal information being entered into, one of AGPC’s online IT systems;
    3. when you contact AGPC by email, telephone or mail;
    4. when you engage with AGPC via social media;
    5. when you elect to receive motor racing related newsletters or other information;
    6. when you enter a competition that is being conducted by, or on behalf of AGPC;
    7. when you purchase tickets to an AGPC Event from AGPC or an authorised agent or licensee;
    8. when you attend an AGPC Event as a guest of hospitality services;
    9. when you purchase merchandise from AGPC or an authorised agent or licensee;
    10. when you purchase other products or services from AGPC or an authorised agent or licensee; and/or
    11. when you provide AGPC with information in an application or consent form, survey, feedback form or incident report.
  3. AGPC may collect personal information regarding a child from the parent or other ‘responsible person’ associated with that child. At times AGPC may collect personal information regarding an adult from another ‘responsible person’ associated with that adult.
  4. AGPC may also collect and use personal information that is given to it by a third party in the course of its business, if that collection is reasonably necessary for AGPC’s or the third party’s legitimate functions or activities. Examples of such third parties could include, without limitation, Motorsport Australia, Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme, Formula One Management, Dorna, Motorcycling Australia or Law enforcement bodies.
  5. AGPC collects personal information in a number of ways, including from:
    1. individuals directly, for example by phone, email, in meetings, correspondence, or application forms;
    2. from hosts of hospitality at AGPC Events you attend;
    3. third parties such as credit reporting agencies;
    4. publicly available sources of information (including social media);
    5. service providers to AGPC (such as Ticketmaster, AGPC on-sellers, promotions companies); and
    6. AGPC’s own records.


  1. AGPC collects personal information from the Websites through opt in. These Websites will, from time to time, contain links to other websites. AGPC is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such other websites.
  2. The Websites use Google Analytics, a tool provided by Google which allows AGPC to analyse visitor traffic and monitor site navigation, by transmitting website traffic data to servers located in the United States. Google Analytics gathers aggregate anonymous data, without identifying associations between IP addresses and the users’ preferences, in order to ultimately improve the user experience. You may choose to opt-out of Google Analytics by changing your computer settings accordingly.
  3. AGPC employs a standard technology called cookies on its Websites. A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer and enables a website to remember your preferences, navigation and actions whilst you are using the Websites (Cookie). Cookies are used by the majority of web sites and are utilised in order to gather information that will allow AGPC to optimise the overall user experience and fulfil its functions.
  4. There are various types of Cookies that are used to satisfy different objectives. AGPC may use either a “session” Cookie which is active only for the duration of your visit on the Websites or a “persistent” Cookie which operates for repeat visits on the Websites. The information gathered by a Cookie is not directly attributed to you and does not access information that is already stored on your computer or files.
  5. The information gathered by the Cookies on the Websites may be used by AGPC and third-party service providers, advertisers and/or our partners to assist in the delivery of relevant marketing messages and advertisements through the placement of web beacons on third-party web sites.

Use and Disclosure of personal information

  1. AGPC may use and disclose your personal information for a number of reasons including to:
    1. operate and manage the AGPC Events;
    2. conduct AGPC business, including for marketing and research purposes;
    3. provide services (including charging, billing and collecting debts);
    4. promote AGPC trade promotions;
    5. to manage your relationship with AGPC;
    6. seek feedback on how AGPC services could be improved;
    7. contact patrons during an AGPC Event to notify them of program changes and other important information;
    8. maintain and develop AGPC business systems and infrastructure (including testing and upgrading of these systems);
    9. undertake direct marketing activities;
    10. research and develop AGPC services;
    11. verify your identity and reduce the likelihood of duplications in IT Systems and Websites;
    12. manage safety and security;
    13. assist law enforcement bodies conducting investigations;
    14. investigate suspected unlawful activity; and
    15. comply with AGPC’s legal obligations.
  2. Where permitted by AGPC, personal information may be made available to third-party corporate partners, licensees, sponsors, suppliers and broadcasters who have a commercial relationship with AGPC (and who may, at times be outside Australia), to market and promote their products and services to you, provided you have consented to receive such communications or would reasonably expect to receive such communications, and have not requested not to receive such communications.
  3. You will be able to opt-out of direct marketing at any time if you so choose, by utilising the unsubscribe feature on electronic marketing communications, or in the case of other direct marketing materials contacting AGPC in accordance with this Policy.
  4. AGPC may disclose your personal information to:
    1. companies or individuals who assist AGPC in providing services or who perform functions on AGPC’s behalf (such as mailing houses) and organisations that carry out research activities;
    2. relevant authorities where:
      1. there are grounds to believe that disclosure is required in order to prevent a threat to health or life;
      2. AGPC suspects that unlawful activity is or has been engaged in and such personal information needs to be passed on to investigate the activity; or
      3. the disclosure is authorised by law or reasonably necessary to enforce the law;
      4. anyone else to whom you authorise AGPC to disclose it; and/or
    3. professional advisors, including accountants, auditors and lawyers, or insurers or insurance brokers; and/or
    4. law enforcement officers as part of an investigation.

Management of personal information

  1. AGPC takes reasonable steps to protect the security of personal information from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, for example by use of physical security and restricted access to electronic records.
  2. AGPC staff are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of individuals.
  3. AGPC endeavours to ensure that the personal information it holds is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  4. AGPC will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your personal information when AGPC deems that it is no longer needed.

Enquiries and your rights

  1. You can contact AGPC in order to update any personal information held about you. AGPC’s contact details are set out below.
  2. You may also seek access to personal information which AGPC holds about you (subject to the limitations imposed by the PDPA) by contacting AGPC's Privacy Officer.
  3. AGPC will require you to verify your identity and to specify what information you require before we provide you with access to your information. A fee may be charged for providing access and you will be advised of the likely cost in advance.
  4. If you have any questions about this Policy, the way in which AGPC handles your personal information, or you would like to exercise your rights, please contact AGPC’s Privacy Officer as follows:

June 2023