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Local Information

Information for local residents and businesses.

The following information is provided to inform local residents and businesses located around Albert Park of changes to the surrounding areas as a result of the FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 2024.

Important dates and access considerations

  • Event Dates: 21/03/2024 – 24/03/2024
  • Albert Park Closed: 19/03/2024 – 25/03/2024 (inclusive)
  • Golf Course Closed: 1103/2024 – 28/03/2024 (inclusive)

For any queries, please email

Alternatively, you can contact one of the following below:

  • AGPC Reception: (03) 9258 7100 - General enquiries about the event.
  • Parks Victoria (Albert Park Office): (03) 8427 2010