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F1® Explained

Your beginner's guide to Formula 1®

New to Formula 1®, and need a cheat sheet to make sense of your maiden Australian Grand Prix weekend? We've got you covered…

As anyone who's ever attended a Formula 1® Grand Prix will tell you, there really is nothing like being there to see, hear and feel the most exciting motorsport on the planet; we're biased, but we reckon it's the coolest sensory overload sport can provide.

Saying that, there is a LOT going on if you're an F1® first timer – so let us help you to make sense of all that's happening on the track itself.

Buckled in? Let's go!

F1® Explained: How does a race weekend work?
F1® Explained: How are the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships points calculated?
F1® Explained: What do the trackside flags and lights mean?

Every race of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship™ is broadcast live in Australia.

Motorsport fans can consume F1® content in various ways, including Foxtel, Kayo Sports, Network 10 and F1TV.

Read our How to Watch F1® Live on TV and Online in Australia guide for more details.