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1968 Chevron B14

Racing Past Presented by Shannons Insurance.

The car is one of only three B14 FBs in the world adapted from the very competitive Chevron B9 F3 chassis, fitted with Lotus/ford 1600 cc twin cam engines.

The cars were produced for American Fred Opert by Chevron to compete in the US SCCA Formula B series.

Car # 19
Engine: 1600cc Ford Twincam
Driver: Phil Randall

The car was one of three imported by Opert in late 1968, who was at the time the American agent for both Chevron and Brabham cars.

The was driven by Joe Grimaldi who appears to have been Fred Opert’s work’s driver for a while.

He first drove the car in August 1968 at Mosport Park in a SCCA Pro Event.

The car recorded a total of 10 Pro events driven by Joe Grimaldi and then by Larry Wright, who purchased the car from Joe with possibly some 1969 Chevron B15 upgrades, in 1969.

When Larry then sold the car he called it a late 1968 Chevron FB which identifies it as a B14.

The car was imported into the UK and was then sold to a New Zealander who then brought the car here to Australia.

When he returned to New Zealand, it was purchased by Queenslander Peter Mohr.

Peter Mohr sold it to engine builder Peter Larner who raced it a few times before retiring from racing.

The car was then sold to its current owner/driver.

The car is still in the process of restoration with all the mechanical items completed, and the body to be replaced hopefully in the near future.