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1969 Bolwell SR6

Racing Past Presented by Shannons Insurance.

The SR6 was Bolwell's introduction to sports car racing. Bolwell had been approached by Alan Newton to build a sports race car.

Alan had achieved considerable success racing his Jewett Holden and wanted to build a Bolwell Mk4 race car utilising his Repco Holden engine.

Car # 27
Engine: 3146cc Holden “Red” motor
Driver: Bill Tymms

The discussion with Bolwell turned to building a mid-engined race car.

The decision was made to start with a Mk4 and chop and channel the body, shorten the front, and extend the back section to allow the mid-engine configuration. Campbell Bolwell did a few sketches and showed the drawings to Alan and the Bolwell SRG was born.

Bolwell delivered a chassis and body to Alan, he then did the work of transforming this into a competitive race car.

Alan already had the fully race prepared Repco Holden "grey' engine, to which he fitted a modified Volkswagen gearbox.

Magnesium alloy wheels were made, and disk brakes fitted all around. The SR6 first raced with the Repco 'grey" motor in November 1969.

It was modified over the years as so many Australian race cars were and is now presented in its 1976 guise with a Holden red motor and Hewland FT200 transaxle.