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1956 Porsche 356

Racing Past Presented by Shannons Insurance.

This car was originally delivered to Porsche agent Hamiltons in South Yarra, and one of only 4 to have a sunroof.

The car is well known amongst car enthusiasts in Victoria and was originally named "Red Sonja” in her young days, being a race car for many years supporting a half cage and ruby red colour scheme.

Car # 56
Engine: 1800cc flat four
Driver: Jordan La Manna

She was well raced and had competed in too many road rallies to name.

After years as a race car, Red Sonja put aside her numerous victories and races, put on some road tyres and was driven on weekends, and even as a daily car by some previous owners.

She was the painted yellow, blue and eventually black (which it currently is). Red Sonja, as now just simply known as 'Sonja'.

Moving forward for the past 20 years, Sonja has been loved by the La Manna family, being kept in top notch nick, but retaining original patina.

She now has sticky Hoosier tyres and upgrades to the engine, which now makes over 200hp.

The old girl still has it, demonstrating for the past 5 years in the Australian Grand Prix and at nearly 70 years old, she's driving better than ever.