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Versor Tech Hub

Where tech, motorsport and business collide.

Where tech, motorsport and business collide.

The Versor Tech Hub is the only place where Melbourne’s global recognition as a leading tech city and the sporting capital of the world meet head-on.

Formula 1® is the most technologically-advanced sport in the world. At its very heart is the relentless pursuit of innovation. The race to win never ends, and teams work day and night to make the best better, and the fast faster.

Leveraging our privileged position as Australia’s greatest racing and entertainment spectacle, the Versor Tech Hub seeks to provide the nation’s most forward-thinking organisations with an esteemed platform to showcase their most advanced technologies.

Innovation isn’t just at the forefront of F1® it’s also front-of-mind for the hundreds of thousands of fans that flock to Albert Park each year. This passion for technology allows some of Australia’s emerging brands to create meaningful, memorable and most importantly authentic connections with exhibitors creating a platform for future engagement.

The Formula 1® Versor Tech Hub is where the intersection of disruptive innovation, technology, motorsport and the business world collide.

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Core Components

The Versor Tech Hub features new and future technologies emerging from Australia’s leading companies in AI, IoT, Formula 1®, automotive, Defence, aviation, aerospace, education institutes and start-ups.

The Hub provides a platform for businesses to showcase insights into the future capabilities through interactive displays and demonstrations in a unique environment, set against the backdrop of one of the world's most innovative and technologically advanced sporting contests.

The Versor Tech Hub is built on three core elements:

Tech Talk Schedule

Listen to industry leaders in the technology space with the Tech Talks that are taking place across all four days of the Formula 1® Heineken® Australian Grand Prix 2022.

From key businesses and individuals, there is something for all members of the family.

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