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Johnny Herbert: Mick Schumacher very different to his father Michael


The three-time F1® race-winner reflects on the differences between the pair.

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation podcast In the Fast Lane has released this week’s episode with three-time F1® race-winner and Sky Sports TV analyst, Johnny Herbert.

Herbert joined In the Fast Lane co-hosts Matt Clayton and Michael Lamonato to discuss Sergio Perez's maiden win at a dramatic Sakhir GP, George Russell's starring role as Lewis Hamilton's stand-in, and the F1® prospects of Mick Schumacher after his F2® title win last weekend.

Herbert reflects on the difference between his former teammate Michael Schumacher and Schumacher’s son Mick, focusing on the big difference in their personalities.

“He’s a lovely guy, very friendly, shy guy, very different to Michael who always had that confidence about him this was even before he got to Formula 1®, Mick is much more quiet then his father, but he learns quickly, he’s learnt brilliantly this season, he’s put himself in a brilliant position,” Herbert said.

“He’s a slower learner than Max and Lewis, they seem to be able to just jump in a car then bang there they are, Mick seems to take a bit longer but he needs to be able to get out of the blocks in Formula 1® sort of on top of his game but I think that sort of comes with confidence… I’m glad we’ve got a Schumacher back in a F1® seat,” he continued.

Herbert goes on to discuss Russell’s first race this weekend with Mercedes and how it demonstrated his natural ability.

“For George, it wasn’t a big deal it was something he did purely on natural ability which is something we see from Lewis, Max and Charles and Sebastian and all the greats we’ve seen in the past. I think that spoke volumes for him, he could take all that extra pressure and all the extra expectations onboard without a problem…brilliant to see but how unlucky was he,” Herbert said.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts platforms.