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Jack & Josh came in the days before the gates opened to lay down the foundations for the piece, which measured 9m wide x 2.5 metres high. Here, Jack is applying some detailing to Ricciardo’s face. Having a mural painted live throughout the event meant that fans could see it evolve through time as a display, with a brief for Jack & Josh to be finished by Qualifying on Saturday afternoon, meaning it became a photo moment for fans to pose in front of.
F1 Mural THURS096
F1 Mural THURS103
F1 Mural THURS117
Aligning with their quirky paintings, Jack & Josh are fun personalities from the Mornington Peninsula that take pride and enjoyment in their work. It was important for this piece to highlight the beauty of Melbourne and Albert Park, with the activation being located in M-Lane, right next to the Albert Park Lake.
Being the Australian event, it was important to showcase our homegrown talent on this mural. Here Josh is adding details to Oscar Piastri’s face – the Australian driver having an impressive campaign in 2024.
Valtteri Bottas became the unofficial third ‘Aussie’ driver for the 2024 event – his golden mullet being a fan favourite.
Fans enjoying the completed mural
M Lane Mural MS SUN6554
M Lane Mural MS SUN6557
Jack & Josh in front of the completed mural
The fellas applying the finishing touches on Saturday afternoon