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Alan Jones: Change of scene from red to green perfect for Seb


The ex-F1® champion discusses his title-winning days and Vettel’s motivation.

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation podcast In the Fast Lane has released this week’s episode with Australia's 1980 Formula 1® World Champion, Alan Jones.

Jones joined In the Fast Lane co-hosts Matt Clayton and Michael Lamonato to reminisce on his title-winning days at Williams, as well as discussing Lewis Hamilton's hunger, Sebastian Vettel’s motivation and Daniel Ricciardo's move from Renault.

In the Fast Lane co-hosts also wrap up a dramatic Bahrain GP and Romain Grosjean's great escape with Formula 1® journalist and podcast host, Tom Clarkson.

Jones discusses how he believes Hamilton’s drive to win will increase even more with next year’s record-breaking chance ahead of him.

“I think Lewis is entering a stage now where his motivation will pick up, because he can see that record-breaking year dangling in front of him like a carrot,” Jones said.

“At the moment he’s the equal in terms of grand prix wins and world championships with Michael Schumacher, now next year with all going according to plan he will become the all-time best winner of grands prix and world championships so to me that would be an enormous motivation,” he continued.

Jones goes on to discuss Vettel’s motivation and how he believes that the change in teams is just what he needs.

“I think you get to a stage where you get complacent, familiarity breeds content, and I think by going to a new team he has new things to prove to those new team members, it gives himself a new motivation. He’s got something to prove there is no doubt about that at the moment, so I think going to a new team is just what he needs,” Jones said.

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