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Bernd Mayländer: There was no safe way to race in Spa


Safety is the most important thing.

The Australian Grand Prix podcast In the Fast Lane has released its latest episode featuring FIA Formula 1® Safety Car Driver Bernd Mayländer.

As part of Australia’s Safe Work Month, Mayländer joins In the Fast Lane co-hosts Matt Clayton and Michael Lamonato to reflect on two decades at the front of the F1® field, remember the most difficult weather conditions he's driven in and discusses the pressure of pushing hard while leading a pack of F1® cars.


Mayländer discusses how challenging the conditions were at this year’s Belgium Grand Prix and if there was any chance the race could have gone ahead.

“On Sunday there was no time after the Porsche race, there was not even one-time gap to say that the track was safe because it was raining more and constantly in the same way,” Mayländer said.

“The weather forecast seen a gap, the teams said okay we want to race, race control said we want to wait for a little bit more time but in the end safety-wise there was no time window to start,” he continued.

The safety car can sometimes be criticised for driving too slowly, but Mayländer explains that in those situations, safety is the most important thing.

“I can understand the drivers behind me, Lewis, Sebastian, Charles or whoever saying this on the radio… I personally wish I could go as quick as I can because I driving wise, I have more fun if I drive quick then slow down on the straights but sometimes we have to wait to bunch them together very quickly,” Mayländer said.

“The boys will now complain the safety car is too slow, we’ll lose tyre performance and yes that’s correct they lose tyre performance, but in that moment it is even more important to cover the marshals, to bring the debris away, a car off the track in safe way and they don’t know that we know that.”

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