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F1: Drive to Survive Season 4 production underway


The Netflix series will return in 2022.

The Australian Grand Prix podcast In the Fast Lane podcast has released its latest episode, featuring the award-winning executive producer of Formula 1: Drive To Survive, James Gay-Rees.

Gay-Rees joins In the Fast Lane co-hosts Matt Clayton and Michael Lamonato to discuss Season 3 of the acclaimed Netflix documentary, the challenges of filming in 2020 during a pandemic, the future of the series, and what happens behind the scenes.

Gay-Rees offers insight into the filming and production of Season 4 of F1: Drive to Survive, to be filmed in 2021 and released in 2022, saying there are a number of key driver storylines that will excite fans.

“What everyone is hoping for is that there is a proper Red Bull and Mercedes dust-off. Red Bull are playing it down and being calm and cool about it, but everyone seems to think it’s a two-horse race,” Gay-Rees said.

“The battle for third could be pretty intense between McLaren and Ferrari, possibly Aston Martin and a few others, it’s shaping up to be a really good season.”

Planning does not stop at Season 4 though, with Gay-Rees revealing Season 5 of F1: Drive to Survive is set to feature new stories, that will drive the documentary forward.

“Then the next season will be difficult again, because the new rules will come in and it’s going to be a slightly different scenario – new cars, so it’s going to be pretty punchy, we’d love to keep on going with it.”

The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts platforms.

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