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Where are the best places to watch with a Park Pass (GA) ticket at Albert Park?


There's a lot to see at the Grand Prix.

With many new features to take in this year, and new cars and drivers, there is a lot to see at the Formula 1® Heineken® Australian Grand Prix 2022.

Fortunately, there are a lot of places that offer a great view of the action, starting with the outside of the straight between Turns 2 and 3. This will be a spot to note the speed difference between the cars on warm tyres and the ones that have just left the pit exit, which will play an important role in the strategy that could determine the winner of the race.

With a second DRS Zone enhancing the drivers’ overtaking opportunities, the mounds on the inside of the track offer a great view of Turn 3, where there could be the chance for some of the drivers who may have lost a position in the DRS Zone to fight back under braking.

Spectators will be able to take in the performance of the new-for-2022 cars, which have been able to race more closely than ever before, thanks to technical changes since last season.

Friday Grandstand tickets for the Formula 1®️ Heineken®️ Australian Grand Prix 2022 are available from $91. Get them before they sell out.

Much of the banks in the Grampians Precinct (at the front of the golf course) cater for spectators, with large screen TVs across the track to allow fans to see what is happening around the circuit.

That is also a great place to park if you do not want to move around the track, but it can tend to be in the sun all day so you may want to take a hat (though that should be better in 2022 since the race is post-Daylight Savings). And, get there early!

The viewing zone adjacent to the Waite Stand will be a great place to watch the cars rush past the spectator mounds fans will have a first-class view as the speed builds (aided by a new DRS Zone) through Turn 9 and 10, which is now much more of a high-speed shrug than a true chicane.

The fourth and final DRS Zone sets the cars up for the revised final sector, as the drivers charge past the spectator area next to Bridge 7 and towards the Schumacher and Prost Stands. The newly-reprofiled Turn 13 will discourage drivers from taking a defensive line and could see a change of position immediately redressed as cars come back onto the Pit Straight and another DRS Zone.