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Ben Hunt: Max Verstappen's life won't change if he wins the Championship


It's remarkable the way the Dutchman has dealt with the pressure.

With the Formula 1® title to be decided by a two-race showdown between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, In the Fast Lane hosts Matt Clayton and Michael Lamonato are joined by Ben Hunt, F1® journalist from The Sun newspaper in the UK.

Hunt takes a deep dive into the 2021 season and examines how Hamilton dragged himself back into contention, Mercedes' late-season surge, and the escalating tension between rival team principals Toto Wolff and Christian Horner.


The calmness in which Max Verstappen is approaching the season was discussed, with Hunt giving his opinion into Verstappen's comments made earlier in the month about if he wins the Championship, that it won't change his life.

"Things are going to change, you can't deny it," Hunt said.

"But maybe it won't. He's a fairly down to earth individual, there's not really too much else going on in his life. You follow him on Instagram, and F1 is everything... There's not much else going on... Maybe there will be a few more commitments".

"It's remarkable the way he has dealt with the pressure," he continued.

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