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David Coulthard: Verstappen vs Hamilton


The winner-takes-all at the showdown in Abu Dhabi.

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation has released its latest episode of In the Fast Lane, featuring 13-time Grand Prix winner and two-time champion in Melbourne, David Coulthard.

Coulthard joins In the Fast Lane co-hosts Matt Clayton and Michael Lamonato to talk about the chaotic first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and reflect on his time as teammate to the retiring Kimi Raikkonen and driving for the late Sir Frank Williams.


Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are set for a winner-takes-all showdown in Abu Dhabi this weekend, Coulthard explains that whilst they have very different experiences, neither have the edge when it comes to racing intelligence or public positioning.

“Lewis is very experienced and understands the power of his actions publicly, and his words, so all of his celebration, all of his taking a bit of time to come to the driver interviews, all of that was him pausing for thoughts and pausing for presentation,” said Coulthard.

“Max, I think given his age and given his life experience is a bit of a phenomenon really, not only the way he drives but the way he handles the pressure of Formula 1… he has got not just racing DNA, it’s racing blood. He has come up through the school of karting and that has given his maturity beyond his years,” he continued.

“So, both of them are very good at compartmentalising the moment and answering the question and delivering a position so I don’t think one’s going to get the edge on the other when it comes to racing intelligence or media positioning, there’s respect there.”

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