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Max Verstappen

  • Team Red Bull Racing Honda
  • Nation Netherlands
  • Date of birth 30/09/1997
  • Place of birth Hasselt, Belgium
Max Verstappen is Formula One's jolt of electricity, an urgently impatient racer dripping with talent, a forthright nature and no filter.
Max Verstappen

Since he became the youngest driver to take part in a GP weekend (Japan 2014, age 17), seemingly the only person unsurprised by the arc of Verstappen's ascension has been the Dutchman himself.

Verstappen was a race-winner at 18, a regular podium visitor at 21, and these days seemingly the sole thorn in Mercedes' side. His pace has created a quandary at Red Bull, who have tried three drivers since 2019 to find a teammate who can keep up and play strategic wingman as he fights at the front. Alternatively, you could argue Verstappen is dragging a team to positions it shouldn't necessarily be in through sheer force of will.

Championships for Verstappen seem preordained; the bigger questions are when – and perhaps where he'll be driving – if they happen.