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New 2022 Formula 1® show car arrives in Australia


The only one of its kind in Australia.

For the first time on home soil, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation today unveiled the all-new Formula 1® 2022 show car.

Currently the only one of its kind in Australia, the new car design brings some of the most significant technical changes in the sport’s history, enabling closer racing and encouraging more overtaking opportunities through a revolutionary design in aerodynamics.

Some of the stand-out changes include:

  • The front wing and nose have been completely redesigned to help generate consistent downforce.
  • The tyres are bigger… up from 13 to 18 inches to be specific. They are also heavier and more robust, with the aim to reduce overheating.
  • The cars will have full shaped underfloor tunnels, something not seen since the late 1970s.
  • Wheel covers are back for the first time since 2009. This is expected to increase downforce and enhance stability.
  • The 2022 car will also run on a more sustainable fuel, called E10.

Come April, drivers will have to utilise new racing strategies, as they tackle a resurfaced and redesigned Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit - with recent track modifications intended to encourage faster racing and more battles.

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