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Stuart Codling: Mercedes have the momentum now


Mercedes lead the constructors into the mid-season break.

The Australian Grand Prix podcast In the Fast Lane has released its latest episode, featuring GP Racing magazine executive editor, Stuart Codling.


Codling joined In the Fast Lane co-hosts Matt Clayton and Michael Lamonato to recap a madcap Hungarian Grand Prix, Esteban Ocon's incredible maiden F1® victory for Alpine and Sebastian Vettel's disqualification after finishing second in Budapest for Aston Martin

The war on and off-track between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing continues, but Codling believes that the tide has turned for Mercedes.

“It feels as if a little momentum has crept back to Mercedes, they seemed to have learnt a bit more about that car over the past few races and the final upgrade package they added at Silverstone seems to have cured a few of the problems they were experiencing,” said Codling.

“It’s a bit like the midfield battle now where the balance of power ebbs and flows, circuit to circuit, based on circuit characteristics… Red Bull look like the team under pressure now” he continued.

2021 hasn’t been the year anyone expected for Daniel Ricciardo and whilst Codling says this season is a write-off, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end for him.

“I think championship wise it’s a little bit of a write-off…he’s struggled to adapt to the car in a way that Lando Norris has been able to adapt, that’s the difference between them…that’s not to say that come the great reset things wont change and he won’t be able to demonstrate his great quality.”

The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts platforms.

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