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David Croft: Eventually everyone will miss Hamilton's dominance


The Brit's achievements will go down in history.

The Australian Grand Prix podcast In the Fast Lane has released its latest episode, Sky Sports F1® commentator David Croft.

Croft joined In the Fast Lane co-hosts Matt Clayton and Michael Lamonato to talk about his favourite rivalries in Formula 1®, the drivers set to star in the future, the impact Australia has made on the sport, the best races to attend as a fan and reflect on his career in broadcasting.

Croft discusses the importance of rivalries in Formula 1®, delving deep into the most talked-about battles on the track in 2021 between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

“We need that rivalry, we need the stories to go with the live-action, the Hamilton Verstappen (rivalry) has been brewing for years because Verstappen is that good and Hamilton we know is that good, statistics prove that one but Max didn’t always have the car to challenge Lewis but now he does,” said Croft.

“Lewis has spoken in the past how Max is the guy he fears because he knows just how good Max is and he knows that Max is hard, he is fast and he isn’t nasty but will put his car in positions that Lewis is going to have to rise to the top to beat him.”

“Eventually we will have someone who isn’t Lewis Hamilton having a rivalry with someone else, that day will come, and we'll actually miss that Lewis Hamilton has been so good over the years,” he continued.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts platforms.

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