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F1 Sprint receives shake-up ahead of 2022 season


The format will look a little different.

Formula 1® has announced changes to the F1 Sprint format, which will occur at the Emilia Romagna, Austrian and Sao Paulo Grand Prix' this season.

Previously the winner of the F1 Sprint would be awarded pole position for statistical purposes, which had been different to a traditional race weekend. For a Sprint weekend in 2022, the fastest performer in Friday's qualifying will now be awarded pole position, bringing it in line with all other race weekends.

Qualifying will continue to determine the grid for Saturday's F1 Sprint, with the result of the Sprint forming the line-up for the start of Sunday's Grand Prix.

The points system has also been tweaked with the top eight drivers now all scoring points, rather than only the top three. The driver who finishes P1 will receive eight points, down to one point for the driver in P8. This change will make the F1 Sprint even more lucrative for drivers and teams.

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"Following a review of the three Sprint events that took place in 2021 and a recognition by all that the format created positive benefits for the sport, three Sprint events were proposed for 2022, acknowledging this as a sensible number in light of the pressures already on the teams for this season with the introduction of major changes to the regulations," an FIA statement said.

"The Commission unanimously approved the three Sprint events for the coming season, incorporating a number of updates to the format based on the feedback of fans, media and teams."