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2025 AUSTRALIA ETG Licensee POS Standard RGB 13-16 March


Kevin Magnussen

  • Team Haas
  • Nation Denmark
  • Date of birth 5/10/92
  • Place of birth Roskilde, Denmark
  • Debut Australia, 2014 (McLaren)
There’s sportspeople who peak early, and there’s Kevin Magnussen; of all the drivers on the grid, the Dane had the greatest debut, finishing second in his first race in Australia in 2014. Ten years and three teams later, it remains his sole F1® podium.
Kevin Magnussen
Australian Grand Prix Stats
Races: 8
Best qualifying: 4th (2014)
Best race result: 2nd (2014)
Podiums: 1 (2nd: 2014)
Points Finishes: 2

That Magnussen hasn’t kicked on since the famous race where Daniel Ricciardo got kicked off his maiden F1® podium isn’t entirely his fault; the 2014 McLaren was fifth-fastest car that year, and six of his seven full seasons since have been spent with Haas, which has finished last or second-last four times in five years.

Simply being back in F1® after being fired by Haas and then re-hired within 18 months is a victory of sorts for a driver who has lost none of his combative edge, but the front of the field he saw so immediately – and so long ago – feels like a world away.